I have begun developing a R wrapper for the FRED API.  It is hosted on GitHub at:  You will need to sign up for a FRED API key to use the wrapper.

Let’s say you want to pull Annual Real Gross National Product. Here’s how you could do it:

> fred <- fredAPI()
> fred$key('My FRED API key here')
> xml <- fred$series_observations('GNPCA')


St. Louis Fed FRED API

I just wanted to pass on a link that I intend to use. I read an article that stated there is a lack of data sets for people interested in becoming a data scientist to use. I found that strange given the large amounts of data available in the Economics field.

The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank, has the Federal Reserve Economic Data system or FRED. There are 212,000 time series from 62 sources. They also have an API, and a 3rd party Python wrapper.