That was Fast! Reproducible Research Course Grade In

In what has to be record time I received notification of my grade in the Coursera Reproducible Research course.



Reproducible Research Course Done

I have wrapped up the Reproducible Research course on Coursera.  The basic idea of this course is ideally you need to create a log or journal of all the steps you have taken when doing research.  This course introduced me to a way of making my work in R reproducible using Markdown.  It also introduced me to RPubs which is a great site.

Having to write out what you did instead of telling yourself you will remember what you did and moving on seems time consuming but it is wise.  I have learned this lesson in doing family history research and, in fact, have a blog where I keep all my research steps.   It has proven to be a valuable resource so I’m sold on this idea in quantitative research.

I am awaiting my grade but I’m starting two new courses: Statistical Inference taught by Johns Hopkins University and Data Analysis and Statistical Inference taught by Duke University.  We’ll see how I manage with two classes.