Summer Learning

Over the summer I made the conscience decision to take a much needed break.  I had to walk away from a couple of Coursera courses, telling myself it was okay.  I could take them next time around.

I did, however, continue with a course I started earlier called Model Thinking.  It is high level introduction to a variety of models.  I personally enjoyed this course a lot.  It provided a exposure to a variety of models that I never heard of however I could see applications for in my day to day life.  It had some math but nothing that is too difficult to scare people away.  There currently isn’t a text book for the class (which is great for auditory learners like myself) however one is in the works.

What I like most about the course is that it provides me with a set of tools I can work with.  As you can tell from previous posts, I am a big fan of using the right tool for the job and not being a one pony show.  This course was great in that I have lots of different and competing ways of looking at the world.


Practical Machine Learning Course Complete

I received my statement of accomplishment for the Coursera Practical Machine Learning course taught by Johns Hopkins University.


I really enjoyed this course. I enjoyed learning the modeling techniques. I was a little disappointed with the treatment of forecasting. The professor had a lecture on it that said when modeling things that involve time there are different steps to take but that is the subject for another course. I was hoping for more. I have been slowing reading the online textbook they recommended which has been interesting. I am an auditory learner so listening to the lecture would stay with me longer.

I highly recommend this course to anybody. I hope to use the knowledge gained in a side project that I have brewing.