Python vs R

There seems to be quite a bit of debate in the data science world about which language is superior: Python or R.  Here’s my take:

In my journey I have had limited time to devote to learning a programming language.  I had to choose between learning about Python, and learning about R.  We all face the same constraints.  As we devote more time to one language we become more proficient in that language and less in the other.  I think most of these debates are fueled by people with vested interests and therefore have a lot to loose if they don’t win their case.

I am agnostic about about what program language you use really.  They both have their good points and their bad points to me.  The Swarm Lab’s three part series on Python vs R illustrates to me that both are great tools for getting the job done.  I really don’t care which tool you use.

I find I am more comfortable with R’s syntax given my PHP background, however I also like and use Python.  I think it becomes an issue of specialization.