It’s Interesting to Observe Change in Yourself

I have been developing an economic model at work that does cost benefit analysis. The other day I created a recursive function (For those who don’t know what recursion is check out Wikipedia‘s or Khan Academy‘s explanation).

This caused me to pause and reflect on a job interview I had over 7 years ago.  I applied for a position at a SEO company.  I was interviewed by some awkward computer science graduates who, frankly, didn’t believe I had much to offer.  I mean I had a degree in economics and couldn’t possibly fathom what they were doing.

I tried my best to make the case that I was self taught and could be an asset.  In fact I recall asking them if they had tried developing a model (I was thinking OLS regression) to determine which factors had the biggest effect on page rank.  They dismissed the idea because “things change so fast” (how dare I challenge their methods) and continued with their inquisition, I mean interview.  I remember at one point in the interview they handed me a sheet of paper with some programming code on it and asked me to describe what the function did.

I looked at it and was shocked to see the function call itself.  I remember thinking why on earth would you ever want/need to do that.  After all I have never had to do that before (yeah I was a bit cocky too).  Needless to say when I couldn’t explain or even name the programming pattern (i.e. recursive function) half of the programming staff had their biases confirmed and the interview was done.  They teased the web development projects I developed as amateurish and brought the interview to a close.

Well when I created a recursive function the other day I stopped.  I created it because I saw the merit in the pattern.  It was interesting to see a change in myself.


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