Finished Process Mining: Data Science in Action

Over the last few weeks I have been taking the Coursera Process Mining: Data science in Action course.  This was a very interesting class but was not exactly what I expected.  I expected the class to be Python or R based.  It wasn’t.  Instead it introduced me to Disco and ProM, two software packages that can mine event data to discover the process structure.  ProM is open source and programmed in Java.  It has an academic feel to it.  Disco is a commercial option and appears more polished but is limited in what it can do for you.

The professor is Wil van der Aalst of the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.  He is an engaging professor who did a great job covering the material.  I did find the peer reviewed project a bit of a heavy load as I was trying to get the hang of ProM but learned a lot from doing (just wished I had more time to learn more).  I would recommend this course to any would be data scientist as it give a very practical application to data science.


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