Mining Massive Datasets Done and Kaggling for Fun

I have wrapped up the Coursera Mining Massive Datasets class put on by Stanford University.  This course was really challenging to me because I had too much on my plate at the time I started the course.  It introduced me to MapReduce concepts, some new tools like Support Vector Machines, and some interesting treatment of ideas I currently know.  It was nice to both deepen and expand my knowledge.  This course was unusual as they broke it out into basic and advanced tracks.  I found the advanced track questions easier than I found the basic questions.  The only think I disliked about this course is that I had a week between the end of the lectures and the final.  This was a handicap for me as I picked up some other projects (more on this to come) and wasn’t as focused as I could be.

One of the distractions I picked up was a Kaggle competition.  I personally find classification problems to be really interesting so I thought I would play around and try my budding skills out on a Kaggle competition.  I am not in the running for prize money (yet) and am having fun trying out what I know and picking up some new things.  I hope to have a full writeup of this experience once the competition is complete in a few days.


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