Regression Models an Python Courses Complete

I’ve wrapped up the Regressions Model course taught by Brian Caffo of Johns Hopkins University.  This is my second course taught by Prof. Caffo and I am quite optimistic about this class.  He released some new recordings of the lectures which were a lot better production than the earlier ones.  I learned a lot from this course and completed the course with distinction


I also have been working through the Programming for Everybody (Python) course which has been a good class.  As I have previously written on, I believe programming languages are tools and you should pick the tool that is right for the job.  I felt that with all this time focused on R my Python skills could use a little work so I took the course.

One of the key things I took away from the class is the computer science jargon.  I knew the concept but expressed it in non-technical terms.  Now I can use the terminology my friends in the CS field understand.


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