Statistical Inference Grade In

I just received my grade for the Coursera Statistical Inference course.


This course was not my first one in statistical inference nor will it be my last.  This course was taught by Brian Caffo and I feel he did a good job.  I know some students in this course had difficulty with his lectures and what is presented.  I think the difficulty lies in the presentation style.  Some of the easier material is presented in depth and then he brushes over the middle ground and highlights the point that he feels are important.  It is a lot of material to try to teach in a month.  I applaud Brian for doing such a great job of it.  My class got the 2.0 version.  I applaud him for making adjustments to the course.  I would recommend this course, with the caution if you are new to statistics, it might be to your advantage to take the Duke course on Coursera first.  Or read a text book.

I announced a sabbatical in my last post but I have a real problem.  I love to learn.  So I just started the Programming for Everybody (Python) course at Coursera.  I did this because a co-worker enrolled.  It is a course designed to introduce programming to non-programmers and it is really good.


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