My Next Steps

I have just finished up the Johns Hopkins University Statistical Inference course at Coursera.  It was a good course and I will give my full write-up once I get my course completion certificate (not that this changes my evaluation).  I am also enrolled in Duke University’s Data Analysis and Statistical Inference course.  However I am contemplating some next steps.

I know that we (my family and myself) are entering an especially busy time of the year.  I know I will be needed as a Father and I fully intend to be there.  Consequently I am contemplating taking a sabbatical of sorts.  I have been engaged in this personal/career development non-stop for a good part of this year and do think I could benefit from a break and pursuing this project with renewed vigor.

I also came across Data Science Central’s Data Science Apprenticeship and am considering engaging in this.  I do feel that I should first complete the JHU Data Science Specialization track at Coursera because I believe you should finish what you start.


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