R Programming Course Complete

I just received my certificate of completion of the Coursera R Programming course.

R Programming

This course was very beneficial to me.  The instructions were clear and challenging.

There were some class members complaining about the steepness of the learning curve.  I did not experience the same thing because of my previous courses with DataCamp.  So for the other budding data scientists out there, I would recommend that you take the DataCamp courses while you take the Data Scientist’s Toolbox course.  Then move on to the R Programming course.


2 thoughts on “R Programming Course Complete

  1. Hey Mike, you’re totally right. I’m half done with the specialization, but yet I had to complement my knowledge of R by taking the Data Camp track as well. The main show stopper for me was the inferential statistics course, but hopefully Data Camp will help me on that one.

    • Mike Silva says:

      Thanks for the comment Carlos. The statistical inference course has been the most challenging course that I have taken to date. I just had to keep telling myself this is a subject that is usually covered over a whole semester taught in 4 weeks. It is intense but if I could get through it you can.

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