How to Install Pandas on a Python 3.3 Windows 7 System

I have been watching the Intro to Data Science Udacity course and the instructor uses Pandas. Here are the steps I followed to install it on my system (Note: I explained how I set up Python on my system in this previous post):

  1. Install NumPy – I was unable to install it using easy_install because it couldn’t find the Atlas and Blas libraries on my machine. So I downloaded binary packages from Christoph Gohlke’s U.C. Irvine site instead.  I chose numpy‑MKL‑1.8.1rc1.win32‑py3.3.exe because it matches my setup.
  2. Open a command prompt – I clicked the start button and type “command” in the “Search programs and files” field, and hit enter.  There are other ways to do it.
  3. Install Pandas using easy_install – I typed “C:\Python33\Scripts\easy_install.exe pandas” and it is on my machine.

Now I will be able to put the things I’m learning in the Udacity course into practice.


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