My Odyssey into Data Science

Here’s how my story starts.  I began teaching myself programming in junior high.  As the internet grew I taught myself how to build webpages.  I got so good I had a job as a web designer in high school.

I graduated high school and entered college majoring in computer science.  I was so excited!  Then the burst hit and honestly I got scared.  Would I have a job when I graduated college?

I took an economics course as part of my generals and I fell in love with the field.  I switched majors and graduated with a degree in economics, however I remained a computer geek at heart.

I worked for the BLS in New York City after I graduated from college.  As our family began to grow we wanted to find a more family friendly place to live.  I found a job at CGR in Rochester, NY.  I worked with large amounts of data and became good at it.  I also programmed a couple of web based products: Govistics and informANALYTICS.

I listen to the EconTalk podcast every week.  One week they interviewed Hal Varian, the chief economist for Google. They talked about Big Data and how it was a growing field.  I began to think I should begin to position myself to move into that field.  After all that is what I was doing but at a much smaller scale.

I have turned the idea over in my mind time and time again and have decided that I am going to do something about it.  This is the story of my journey.


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